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, Case Study – IDDM male with an ulcer second toe right foot

Case Study – IDDM male with an ulcer second toe right foot

This is a 52 year old Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) male with an ulcer second toe right foot. Patient believes he scrapped his foot about a week ago wearing open toed sandals. Patient’s past...

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Wound-Be-Gone: Diabetic Foot Ulcer Case Study

Case Study: Diabetic Foot Ulcer 69 years old female presents with diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) on the top of the left foot. Patient has history of CHF, Type 2 DM, COPD, HTN, CA, IVC...

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Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

M.K, is a a 54 year old Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) female who admits to picking the callous from the bottom of her right big toe to the point of bleeding. The wound has...

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, New Case Study – B.J.

New Case Study – B.J.

This is a 53 y.o. IDDM male who sustained an injury to his right foot while at work. The date of his injury is 09-12-2012. He suffers with a second degree burn right foot. Patient’s glucose levels remain...

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, Case Study W.D. – Callouses

Case Study W.D. – Callouses

This is a 57 y.o active NIDDM female with a painful callous left foot. Past medical history significant for NIDDM and HTN. Patient reports that she is experiencing pain upon ambulation left foot, even...

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, Chronic Ulcer Case Study

Chronic Ulcer Case Study

This is a 69 y.o. male with a chronic ulcer right leg. Patient  had a work-related injury on 11-14-1992 and since that time has had  osteomyelitis  with ulcer right leg.  Several wound care products/...

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Diabetic Neuropathy Case Study

This is a 54 y.o. IDDM  black male  presents with a large callous bottom of  left  foot.  After debridement of the callous , an ulcer was identified. Additionally, further examination of the left foot,...

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, Diabetic Case Study

Diabetic Case Study

This 60 y.o. very active  NIDDM white male  has been suffering with this chronic ulcer  right hallux  for about a year.  Patient has had multiple wound debridements  through out the year. He is presently using Bactroban...

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Diabetic and Neuropathy Case Study

This is what can happen to your feet if you are diabetic and have neuropathy.  This is a 50yo IDDM male  who placed his left foot into very hot bath water and  suffers with...

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